My Top 8 Go-Tos For Creative Inspiration

Thinking is fun!

Thinking is fun!

No ideas are coming and all I want to do is cry because life is unfair. I’m too busy, have no time, and everyone including the dog is demanding my time and energy. How is it possible to be creative under this pressure?

What do I do in these cases of emergency?

Here are my top 8 creativity enhancers. They help me relax and get back into the swing of things. 

  1. Read a book. Any book. Sometimes a magazine. (I have somewhat of an obsession with magazines.)
  2. Go to the library. Sometimes a different place helps me get out of my funk. Sometimes I just like being around books. 
  3. Take a walk. Fresh air. Exercise. Always good for generating mojo. For old mojo the fresh air knocks the funk off. 
  4. Window shop. Hey, the grocery store can be a fascinating place. The mall as well on certain occasions. The challenge is to not spend any money (very difficult) but take in the atmosphere, people watch, once again exercise in a small way, or talk to people. The purpose isn’t to hunt and gather but to make my eyes see things they don’t normally see and hope to generate a spark of an idea. (Technically, I am hunting and gathering...ideas!)
  5. Watch a movie. If it’s a raining or just a crappy day sometimes a good movie is just as effective as a good book in taking my mind off the pressures of life. If it’s a favorite, I don’t even have to watch the entire movie to be inspired because I know it by heart.
  6. Emergency meditation. Stop. Breathe. Ommmm. Don’t do anything and time myself so I actually don’t do anything. 
  7. Nap. Enough said. 
  8. Get butt in chair and start typing. Sometimes it’s like digging in cement but usually the next day a re-read shows it’s not that bad and my mind can generate more ideas off this beginning instead of a blank page

The trick with this list is to not use it as (an excuse) a way to not to be creative. There are plenty of times I don’t feel like writing. I go to this list and do one of the items and then go back to my seat. The break is welcome and I keep my mojo alive. And I put the get butt in chair last in case I get through the list and I’m still not writing. Tricky of me, yes. :)

What are some of your go-tos in times of emergency?