Get Out Of My Own Way

Open the creative highway.

Open the creative highway.

It’s time for me to take my advice and essentially get out of my way. It’s funny how I can be the pain in the butt who is keeping me from being creative. I can’t blame it on anything or anyone else. 

It’s not easy to be creative in any form. I kept telling myself it is easy (for weeks). Now I have a problem, a major road block in all the wonderful creative energy I experience at various times during a writing session. Not to mention the determination that allows me to sit and focus on words for hours at a time seems to have disappeared. That’s Work. And I have to do the Work. Creative moments just don’t happen. They need to be approached. I have methods that help but obviously I’ve been ignoring them.  Sometimes only Work happens for days. But then eventually the Work becomes something creative. 

What’s the advice I’ve been shoving under the bed like an old box of memories I never look at anymore?

  • Pausing. I’ve just gotten back into a practice of pausing at random moments during the day and noticing what’s going on. Autopilot doesn’t foster creativity. It’s just do-do-do. 
  • Letting the day go. I let the day’s events weigh my mind down and my entire body feels heavy. Pausing allows me to let the day go, lightness returns, and my thoughts aren’t crowding out the creative Work.
  • Making time my friend. When I actually do have moments where I can dedicate myself to my Work I instead do something else. No wonder my creativity is sitting in the corner crying. I’m not giving it any attention. 

This week I’ll listen.

I hope you can listen to your good advice this week as well. Let me know how it goes.