Seconds To The Creative Highway

My Friend Time

My Friend Time

I used time to get me driving on the creative highway. 

After a twenty minute meditation session I was focused and raring to go. I jotted down seven new ideas before I realized another twenty minutes had gone by. Time can be my biggest enemy but as I learned to manipulate this so called fourth dimension I found a friend. 

This new friend encouraged me to establish structure and precision in a world that is chaotic and frustrating. Without my new friendship I would be lost on a wave of feeling, moping about, and wondering why I didn’t have enough time to get anything done. 

What did our friendship consist of?

  • timed writing 
  • timed editing 
  • timed exercises (physical and mental)
  • timed breaks (very important to ‘sharpen the pencil’)

It’s all relative. Despite the illusion of time being precise and controlled there is flexibility.   I increase the time if I need more or less but the key is to commit to a time and stick to it despite the thousands of distractions that derail me. Ten minutes at a time can make a huge difference. I compete the ten minutes even if I’m just sitting there in front of the computer staring (or surfing - bad Mommy). I learned this as I explored the benefits of meditation. I won’t kid you. It’s hard to sit there and either do nothing (as in meditation) or write with the Devil of Obligations sitting on my shoulder. There are days when I fight with my friend time telling him to stop bossing me around. But we always make up. We have an important journey to take on.

Time at least has me looking at the potential of writing. The potential could happen for days. But the commitment creates a habit and hopefully the habit will at some point turn into activity that will carry me toward creativity and accomplishment on an endless road of inspiration.

Will you give time a chance?