Found Color in My Writing

Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

Last week I promised to post a art journal page and let you know how it impacted my writing. The medium I love is mixed media. As you can see above, the page is not overly special but for me the end product contains a special meaning which helped me find my editing mojo. (BTW, I just found out you can't wash mojo so be careful when doing laundry!)

First, I took blank pages and then glued some scrap paper, pages from an old telephone book, and then from there layered paint, more scraps of paper, more paint, some feathers, etc.  

How did this impact or reflect on my writing? The dangers of analyzing myself are many but here goes nothing...I was able to determine I’ve been in a dark mood where the world seemed a little dull and flat because that’s what I initially created with my art. I looked at my writing and realized the visuals on the art page mirrored my mood and was a good indication of why edits were difficult. 

The first layer I put down on the art journal I hated. The colors were not what I had intended at all and the whole thing looked ugly. I got worried because I knew I would have to post the page online and people would see the ugliness. (I have a similar panic with my writing.) I let it sit for a day. 

The following day I started to add my painted hearts I cut out of a paint splattered newspaper, a partial cupcake paper holder, and found the straw tied into a circle (from a gift package I had) and then added more paint. Still I was unhappy. 

The turning point happened as I discovered the feathers. The brightness spoke to me. I wanted such brightness in my life and in my writing. I added the feathers and the entire page went in a new direction. More bright colors found their way to my eyes and hands and onto the work in front of me. I found some letters and wrote an inspirational phrase: Be bold, No Tears.

By the end of the week I was feeling pretty confident in my writing. Will the art page I created ever be what I had originally intended? Probably not. The same happens with my writing. I have to be bold and take the blank page and do something to it - anything to get started. I wouldn’t allow myself to cry. I wasn’t happy with my art like I’m not happy with many first drafts I work on. (I could cry in private but had to push forward.) After letting both projects sit for a day, I came back and edited and layered and changed it just so and it no longer remained something to hide in the corner. 

After a few days of getting out of my comfort zone and working on an art project, sparks of inspiration hit. They came from seeing something or feeling something.  As I added the words and elements that popped on the art page, I found edits started to get a little bit easier. I wasn’t as concerned with a sentence or paragraph I hated. I knew if I let it sit I could come back tomorrow and see where the improvements needed to go.