Daydream Your Life Away

A Good Place to Daydream.

A Good Place to Daydream.

I was thinking about daydreams after a meditation the other day. Probably because many times while meditating I feel as though I’m daydreaming. Could there be a connection between meditation and daydreams? Perhaps as a kid I meditated all of the time and didn’t know it. 

I daydreamed in the summers about how many rides I would go on at the local amusement park, whether or not our family had planned on going. I daydreamed about how amazing the July 4th fireworks would be and how this time it wouldn’t rain. I daydreamed about going back to school and what new things I would learn. (Yeah, I was a dork who liked school.) But once in school, of course, I daydreamed about summer while on the bus or during class or study hall. I would come up with so many daydreams my friends and family shook their heads. 

And that’s why daydreamers get a bad rap. People who daydream (me) are sometimes accused of being bored, wasting time, being lazy, whatnot. Sometimes these are the same accusations I give myself when I meditate. Is this really the case? There is a lost art to daydreaming which I believe has had a significant impact on my ability to be creative.

In a previous post regarding my meditation experiences, I briefly explored how our always-on modern society is creating a time gap where we have no time to do much of anything. We are always in a rush to do something else, be somewhere, or check a status. What if we brought back the pastime of daydreaming. I wonder what would actually happen? 

Would society as we know it fall apart? Could make for an interesting post apocalyptic novel. But I really think that nothing would fall apart. In fact, it would probably make life more enjoyable.

Daydreams are moments of quiet reflection where I just enjoy the moment thinking about what is possible. Almost like meditation, but instead of trying to let go of racing thoughts, daydreams can create a world where you are the star, the hero or heroine, and basically you save the day. How can that not be a blast and actually improve the world?

Because when we feel on top of the world we can accomplish just about anything and that includes the everyday non-exciting things in our lives. Daydreams are like mini vacations. And for writers... possibly a new book. 

Are you a daydreamer? If not, give it a try and let me know if it improves your creativity.