Using My Hands and Feet to Inspire My Mind

I can be a couch potato. My couch is comfy and I do love a good salty chip (salt and vinegar = yummy). So when I’m feeling dull and no new ideas are percolating and edits are a crabby bastard I know it’s because of my couch potato ways.  

No movement + greasy junk food = mind mush. 

So what do I do?

I move.  Talk a walk. Water the plants. Ride my bike. Wash the dishes or the laundry. The last isn’t so glamorous but it gets me into a physical state of mind as opposed to a mental state of mind.

I read somewhere that our minds can only focus for about 90 minutes at a time before the powers of focus and concentration go out the window. For me, on certain days, I can last about 10 minutes before my mind flutters off into a different direction or I’m interrupted by a child, a husband, a friend, or a dog. These interruptions are welcome. I love my friends and family but there are times when I need to not want them around so I can do other stuff. Like write. Like think of ideas. Like edits. 

When focus is down in the dumps the only solution for me is to move. Do something with my hands, knitting, gardening, art project. Do something with my feet, I bike, I play with my baby boy, I take a walk with my hubby or a friend. When I am present to those I love and my surroundings and get some much needed exercise (that’s not necessary a tedious workout) it’s easy to come back to my creative work. It’s easier to get mentally busy and find that highly focused state where things click.

After a good day’s work. Muscles are used. Accomplishments are made. I feel good about myself and give myself a pat on the back. You should, too. It’s well deserved.

We created a place for creativity to flourish. 

What activities do you like to do to engage your hands and feet and let the mind take a break?