Laughter Is The Best Medicine (How My Ideas Feel Good)

Is there something on my nose?    Dreamstime Stock Photos

Is there something on my nose?

Dreamstime Stock Photos

A few months back I went see Austenland, staring Keri Russell, with some friends and in my opinion it was super hilarious. I highly recommend it. We laughed about it for days afterward and still make random comments and quotes to each other and burst out laughing. 

Our husbands only shake their heads because they don’t get the jokes. We think we are the wittiest people in town. I tried to explain some of the more hilarious parts to my husband and he just gave me a look and shook his head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

And that’s okay. Those of us in the giggle club (there’s not really a club) keep laughing.

I turn to comedy a lot, especially movies, as a way to wind down and just enjoy life. It lets me stop taking life so seriously and let my mind create off the wall ideas and basically share (secret) laughs with friends and family. There are plenty of movies my hubby and I have watched we still laugh about and can watch over and over: Elf, Old School, There’s Something About Mary, Office Space. We just watched Tommy Boy. I wasn’t feeling my best that evening but I still laughed.

It’s amazing how comedy can improve my mood. I find myself in a more creative mood with friends, family, and writing after I watch them. I think an issue to a lot of the creative blocks I have is depression, doubt, and down right sadness about what I think is creative talent and measuring myself against others. 

Laughter can take all of this away. I learn to laugh at myself and all the pressures like “I must have talent to be creative” or “doing X is very serious” or “it has to be perfect the first time around” don’t have as much impact on my psyche and I can follow my #1 rule and have fun.

I’m not a comedian. It’s difficult for me to write funny. I’ve never tired to write funny on purpose. If any humor comes out in my manuscripts it’s a happy accident and sometimes I’ll read something I’ve written an actually laugh and wonder how I came up with it. I take it on faith someone else will have my sense of humor and find it amusing, too.

Do comedic events make you feel more creative or are you just in it for the laughs?

What are some of your favorite funny movies? I’m always on the lookout.

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