My Alien Obsession

Oh! Where Are You From?    Dreamstime Stock Photos

Oh! Where Are You From?

Dreamstime Stock Photos

I confess. I love the television show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel or more specifically on H2. I’m pretty sure it should be on the SyFy Channel but anywho... I’m not sure if it’s the implausible scenarios or the aura of mystery the show imparts but my inner geek swoons. 

I watch it for the entertainment value and for me there is a lot of value. That show is responsible for a lot of writing ideas I have swimming around in my head along with all the Science Fiction books, movies, or television series I’ve watched. 

I’m a science fiction junkie. It doesn’t take much to figure that out about me.  There are a lot of cheesy Sci-Fi movies I drag my husband to and he’s like, “eh,” while I’m shouting, “That was so COOL! Did you see the special effects and when the space creature did this and the hero did that? FANTASTIC. I can’t wait for the sequel.” 

He loves me. So, he continues to go to those movies with me along with some romantic comedies and chick flicks. I don’t torture him with the chick flicks too much but the romantic comedies I do torture him with. 

But I digress. Back to the aliens. 

The interesting thing about watching a show, such as Ancient Aliens (besides the hair-dos or emphatic speech of the hosts), is one little tidbit of information or segment of dialogue can make my mind explode with creative ideas about how I can tie one of my stories to another or come up with an entirely new idea. It happens when I watch movies such as Star Man or Aliens (the second is my fav.), Total Recall or even “real life” documentaries on Area 51. (I have plans for Area 51 in a future manuscript or maybe I'll call it Area 6 - get it... Sixxers... oh never mind :) .)

It’s funny how that works. The mind can take experiences from movies, other books I’ve read, and places I’ve visited and put together a world of my own making.

What shows inspire you in your creative process? Or if you don’t write what are some favorite science fiction movies or shows? I’m always looking for new ones.

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