Creative Spaces

Are the locations where I write as important as the words on the page? Classic answer: it depends. 

I used to (sometimes still do) get hung up about where I sit and labor over the keys of my laptop. It had to be set up perfectly or I wouldn’t be able to focus. The importance over my morning cup of coffee or my afternoon cup of tea or having a particular space clean would wreck the entire day if they didn’t occur. Don’t get me started on the endless to-do list. I would murder the to-do list if I were able. Up go the hands. I can’t write! I can’t create like this! Drama ensues. 

I’m honest with myself. I’m easily distracted. Until I get into a plot or all of the sudden some crazy ass idea pops into my head and I’m like, “Would that work? Sounds really cool.” Then I’m a mad writing fool. (Sort of like a mad scientist but different.) But the distractions are a kick in the pants. And I started to wonder why they are they such A BIG DEAL?

Does the space where I and other writers work matter? To me it feels like my life has changed in several huge ways in the past seventeen months. I quit a job I had for six years, had two new jobs, a new baby, no new job (where’s a friend to slap me? new job = author), and to top it off trying to find writing time in the mist of all these changes and pressures. My writing space did indeed matter to me. And the distractions became a source of mental blockages. I started to realize that other authors must have experienced the same types of challenges if not ones that were more severe than mine. I had to do something.

So why create more stress and doubly focus on my physical writing space? I already had become miss picky pants about the entire situation. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a hobby person and I used to have projects all over the house. Stacked up in the living room, on the floor of the office, littered about the breakfast table. (Same with my books.) I always had to clean up my messes and therefore always start over again when I had the time. I made a decision to actually finish the designated craft/book room and get it organized.

I’m sure my craft/book room only looks organized to myself. The scary part is that messy organization is probably how my mind works. If my brain were a craft table it would always look like a disaster. But this is the workspace and it’s allowed to be messy.

So how does this relate? I allowed my workspace for writing to be where ever it needed to be. Instead of cleaning up my craft messes I’m now cleaning up my writing messes and probably why distractions are my arch enemies. I always had to start over and the distractions were right there laughing at my feeble attempts.

My husband came to the rescue like a hero out of a romance novel to fix my problem. I love this man! He is putting some manly sweat and tears into redoing our shared office space. I’ll have a wall of bookcases (of course I’ll share with him - der), a countertop workspace for papers and notes, and he is going to use his talented woodworking skills to build me a writing table. 

Check out his website:

I’m sooooooo excited about this. I’ll try not to make this A BIG DEAL but I’m super stoked about my new desk. It’s going to be awesome to use something other than the kitchen table for writing. The office has doors and I will be able to keep my writing mess to myself and maybe get a book or two out of it. Also it will be easier (not impossible but easier) to keep the distractions out. 

Will I always use this room? Classic answer: it depends.

What types of space do you have for your creative outlet? Do you have a repurposed room, an office, or perhaps a studio where you can go and let the muses do their work on you?